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Ellipsiz DSS is a distributor for Sela equipment in the South East Asia and China region. Sela’s proprietary Precise Cleaving technology is unique in its ability to create precision cross-sections without water, chemical or mechanical contact of a targeted feature for failure analysis by scanning electron microscope (SEM). Precise Cleaving technology delivers fast high quality and precise accuracy cleaved wafer segment for further investigation under SEM and SCM. With more than 200 systems installed world wide, Sela has a large and distinguished customer base that includes some of the world’s leading semiconductor fabrication facilities.

Smart Precise Cleaving System

SELA’s MC10 Smart Precise Cleaving System is designated to allow precise, reliable and fast sample cross-sections, completing a single sample (comprising both sides of the cleaved target) within a minute, with single microns range accuracy and high cross-section quality. A dedicated software features and algorithm enable the accurate positioning control of the cleaving elements.

The MC10 system prepares cross-sectional samples for subsequent inspection by a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) or other applicable analysis.

MC10 Blue Katana is the registered trademark of SELA Ltd.

These features together with high throughput ensuring that sample preparation is never a bottleneck for SEM analysis.

•High Quality – Natural Cleave
•High Accuracy – 5um and below
•High Throughput – Single minute
•Compact Size – Table Top
•Low Cost & Maintenance Free

•Resolution of the optical system is 1.5um
•Continuous zoom Optical Microscope system, manual focus and long working distance objective x5 with N.A.=0.15.
•Optical magnification on the monitor depends from the video format and zoom position.
•Maximal magnification on the monitor for standard video format 1280×960 is about lOOOx.



MC600i is a fifth generation version of the award-wining Microcleaving series of the sample preparation systems for cross-section of crystalline materials for following SEM inspection and other analyses. SELA’s Microcleaving technology is proved itself the undisputed leader for accurate, fast and artifact-free sample preparation. The MC600i system achieves fully automatic, reliable and rapid cross sectioning of wafer segments and dies. Dedicated software enables automatic mapping and navigating to targets, automatic off-loading for immediate inspection. High and consistent accuracy and excellent quality of cross-sections significantly reduce diagnostic cycle for failure analysis, characterization and process monitoring.

These features together with high throughput ensuring that sample preparation is never a bottleneck for SEM analysis.

•Turn-around time drastically reduced
•Improves yield analysis
•Improves characterization
•Improves and enhances SEM imaging
•High productivity
•Low cost of ownership

•Accuracy of full process is down to 100nm in 10 minutes
•Accuracy of fast cleave is down to 3 microns in 3 minutes
•Single die cleaving with dimensions down to 2x1mm
•Wafer and die edge cleaving down to 0.5mm from edge
•Controlled Liquid Nitrogen spraying to improve quality of cross section
•Ease of use – few hours training for new operator
•Automatic processing – no previous experience required

Perfect Cleave Mechanism

Perfect Cleave Mechanism (PCM) is a simple manual cleaving tool for cross-section of crystalline materials such as Si, GaN, GaAs, InPh, SiC and others.

PCM utilizes SELA’s proprietary Perfect Cleaving technologies to achieve fast cleaving of crystalline materials with perfect qualify of cross-section.

The PCM had been presented to semiconductor market and delivered to customers in 2000 as a stand-alone solution for the sample preparation for SEM analysis and as a complementary tool for the initial sample preparation for the automatic microcleaving series of SELA – MC500. MC600 and MC600i systems SELA’s customers recognized great capability of the PCM and utilized it for wide variety of preparation requirements for past 15 years.

PCM is a compact tool and customers use it under magnified glasses and optical stereo microscopes to improve accuracy of cleaving.

Perfect qualify of cross-section
•High throughput
•Improves and enhances SEM imaging
•Compact size
•Low cost of ownership

•Perfect qualify of cross-section for crystalline materials
•Fast cleaving in less than a minute
•Size of cleaved samples from full wafer and to single die 2x2mm
•Manually controlled accuracy
•Ease of use without previous experience required


Xact200 performs cutting-edge TEM/STEM sample preparation in line with the Semiconductor and Nanotechnology roadmap requirements for next generation physical FA and characterization.
The Xact200 is a second-generation system uniquely combines the disruptive innovative AIM technology with an integrated FE SEM column, in process real time STEM imaging capability and piezo based multi axes eucentric manipulator.
The Xact200 delivers excellent sample quality, significantly reduced turn-around times and enhanced productivity.
AIM. SELA’s proprietary Adaptive Ion Milling technology, is superior to traditional Focused Ion Beam (FIB) and Broad Ion Bean (BIB) technologies in ability to reduce lamella thickness below 15 nanometers over a large area with artifact-free quality, high precision, controlled thickness variation and high throughput.

•Unsurpassed quality with negligible artifacts
•Amorphous layer about 1nm on Si
•Routine lamella thinning to below 20nm covering a wide area of interest
•Thinning down to 10nm supporting 1x technology node
•Enhanced lamella thickness uniformity and robustness
•High precision milling with integrated FE SEM/STEM observation
•AIM technology enabled by unique ion milling unit With dynamic Xe ion beam


A dedicated, automated, timesaving and user-friendly system that enable TEM/STEM and SEM sample preparation for both cross section and plan viev in a wide range of application. Featuring a cryo-cooled, dry sawing process, the EM3 system prepares specimens of either crystalline or amourphous materials. The output sample is mounted onto a compatible TEM mount that allows rework.

•Applicable for site-specific and general area
•Enables multiple reworks of TEM specimen
•Interfaces with broad and focused ion milling
•Increases overall throughput Improves yield analysis
•Improves characterization
•Low cost of ownership


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