Nikon Semiconductor Lithography System



Ellipsiz DSS is proud to be Nikon Lithography sales representative in the Southeast Asia for over 15 years. The lithography system is said to be the most precise machine ever created. It boasts precision down to a mere 1 nanometer [1/109 (billion) of 1m]. Take a look at the latest lineup of Nikon semiconductor lithography systems, the definitive engines driving the global manufacturing of semiconductors and flat panel displays.

Immersion System NSR-S630D


  • Delivers world-class multi-patterning performance and productivity through Streamlign platform innovations
  • Optimizes manufacturing flexibility and extendibility with mix-and-match overlay ≤ 2.5 nm
  • Ensures exceptional stability under extreme process conditions using sophisticated computational and on-product learning solutions
  • Maximizes yield by employing an enhanced autofocus system and Zeroing AF function
  • Provides optimal affordability with ultra-high throughput ≥ 250 wafers per hour

Download brochure here. NSR-S630D

Deep UV System NSR-S322F


  • Delivers world-class dry ArF performance and productivity throughStreamlign platform innovations
  • Enables superior yield with overlay accuracy ≤ 2 nm and advanced overlay solutions
  • Maximizes manufacturing flexibility with mix-and-match overlay ≤ 5 nm
  • Ensures excellent imaging with enhanced 0.92 NA lens and integrated tool control capabilities
  • Provides optimal affordability with ultra-high throughput ≥ 230 wafers per hour

Download brochure here. NSR-S322F

Deep UV System NSR-S210D


  • Uses proven technology for KrF applications ≤ 110 nm
  • Tandem Stage delivers ≥ 176 WPH and optimal stability
  • Excellent cost of ownership
  • Superior overlay accuracy (≤ 9 nm)
  • Industry’s most advanced lens design provides world-class imaging

Download brochure here. NSR-S210D

I-line System NSR-SF155


  • Ultra-high throughput (200 WPH)
  • Ideal for mix-and-match applications
  • Superior lens stability
  • Excellent overlay accuracy of ≤ 25 nm
  • Lowest cost of ownership

Download brochure here. NSR-SF155

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