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ITC is the world leader in probe card analyzers and test equipment for dynamic testing of power semiconductor devices. Our equipment is recognized around the world for providing leading edge test capability and extremely high reliability. We are dedicated to serving the customers with the best solutions possible. ITC is constantly committing a major portion of our effort to developments which enhance the state of the art in our field.

Probilt™ Probe Card Analyzers

The Probilt PB6500 has many features that make it the ideal analyzer for all probe card technologies, including the latest probe tip geometries being used to test leading edge semiconductor devices. Its excellent electrical measurement capability and the ability to drive relays on any channel make it the best tool for probe cards with complex circuits and relays on the PCB. With 300Kg of lift force, it has long been recognized as the analyzer of choice for vertical probe card manufacturers.

The ITC line of Probilt, probe card analyzers provide fast, accurate and repeatable test data for all types of probe card technologies. Simple user definable vision parameters allow even the newest and most complex probe tip geometries to be captured and accurately measured.

pdf-icon-copy PB6500 Datasheet

pdf-icon-copy PB6500 Spec Sheet

pdf-icon-copy PB6000 Series Datasheet

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