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Gudeng Precision is a world leader in the field of high-level reticle carrier solutions with innovation capabilities and Ellipsiz DSS is proud to be their distributor in the South East Asia region. Gudeng’s innovative technology is one of trendsetters for industry development and technology evolution. Customers will definitely enjoy the highest quality product without compromising the specifications and best of all to achieve cost reduction.

Mask Handling Solutions

With our innovative technology and customized design capabilities, Gudeng has accumulated a reputation for providing reticle handling solutions. Helping our customers in increasing production yield is what we’ve continuously contributed to, Gudeng has introduced many leading-edge products to lead high-end production in the Semiconductor industry.

– Extreme Ultraviolet(EUV) Reticle POD
– Reticle SMIF Pod (RSP 150/200)
– Mask Package

Wafer Handling Solution

Introducing low-moisture absorption material into wafer carrier is helpful for customers to improve production yield. Leading the semiconductor field for the next generation, Gudeng has contributed and invested in 450mm production, focusing on 450mm FOUP/ MAC development.

– 450mm FOUP (Front Opening Unified POD)
– 450mm MAC (Multi Application Carrier)
– 300mm FOUP
– 200mm Wafer Cassette
– 200mm Shipping Box
– Cassette Box

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