Fab Chemicals


Ellipsiz DSS is also a distributor of Ultra pure chemicals in Singapore to all the major semiconductor fabs in Singapore. We are equipped with logistics management of chemicals in terms of warehousing , land transportation and delivery.

TOKUTokuyama’s IC Chemicals business sells TOKUSO IPA-SE, an isopropyl alcohol for electronics manufacturing, and the TOKUSO SD series of positive-type photoresist developer as its core products. These products boast the top market shares in the world.
Versatile developer to g line, i line, excimer laser, phase shift mask and electron beam lithography. Excellent resolution power and mask-reticle linearity.
Suitable for cleaning and drying in LSI and LCDprocess. High resistivity.
Visit http://www.tokuyama.co.jp for more information.

wakoWako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd. has been engaged in the development and manufacture of high-quality products as a comprehensive reagent manufacturer capable of responding to research needs in cutting-edge areas. At present, we use our unique technological capabilities – our core competence – to focus on three key operational areas, namely, Laboratory Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, and Diagnostic Reagents, and to meet the diverse requirements of researchers, medical professionals and industry.
One-step cleaning solution for metal impurities and particles. Post Cu-CMP cleaning solution. Post Cu/low-k CMP cleaning.
As additive for improvement of wettability in various solution.
Visit www.wako-chem.co.jp for more information.

MGCMitsubishi Gas Chemical Company develops business in a wide range of fields from basic chemicals to specialty chemicals and advanced materials. Their Specialty Chemicals Company has been concentrating on the development of advanced products directly connected with users’ requirements, for example, ultra-pure chemicals and various kinds of engineering plastic materials in support of the industries of semiconductors and liquid crystals.
Ammonium Hydroxide (NH4OH)/ Hydroxide Peroxide (H2O2)
As a cleanser for wafer cleaning process.
Visit www.mgcs.com.sg for more information.

ANJIAnji Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a fast growing technology driven company with unwavering commitment to innovation and cost efficiency. Backed by our core competency in liquid-substrate interface science, engineering, and extensive experience in semiconductor materials processing, we focus on advanced materials development, contract R&D, qualification, and manufacturing. Since our founding in 2004, Anji has developed capabilities in rapid product development, robust design-in quality systems, well controlled manufacturing, and closely monitored supply chain management.
Through partnerships with the world’s leading equipment and materials providers, as well as professional logistic service providers, Anji has secured a global reach to our valuable customers, delivering optimal solutions with advanced technology and competitive advantage on cost of ownership.

CMP slurries

  • Copper CMP Slurries
  • Barrier CMP Slurries
  • TSV CMP Slurries
  • Oxide CMP Slurry
  • Silicon/Polysilicon CMP Slurries
  • Al CMP Slurry
  • BSI CMP Slurries

Stripping /Cleaning Solutions

  • Post Al etch Residue Remover
  • Bulk Photoresist Stripper

Visit www.anjimicro.com for more information.

 For more information, please feel free to drop us an email at info@ellipsiz.com

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