Ellipsiz’ core businesses target high-potential niche markets in the semiconductor and EMS (electronics manufacturing services) industries. Our business model also emphasizes recurrent revenues, stable pricing, and high-IP content and protection. We are well-positioned to tap the on-going outsourcing trend to Asia, combining professionalism, technical competence and a low-cost infrastructure.

Our main businesses include semiconductor manufacturing equipment and cleanroom consumables distribution as well as manufacturing & test solutions. The Group has operations in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan R.O.C. and Thailand.


  • Serves scalable niches in the semiconductor and EMS industries We do not believe in size for its own sake. We target areas in which we believe we can serve better than the competition to generate the highest return for shareholders. Over time, we aim to scale up our growth engines to become global leaders.

  • Strongly positioned to tap outsourcing to Asia Growth rates for semiconductor sales and electronics manufacturing are considerably higher in Asia than the global average due to cost-down relocation of manufacturing as well as the strong consumer demand from emerging economies here. Ellipsiz has the low-cost infrastructure, local knowledge and the technical expertise to benefit from this powerful trend.

  • Diversity and synergy Our businesses serve customers along the entire semiconductor and electronics manufacturing value chain. This gives us diversified exposure to a broad range of industry requirements, as well as the synergistic benefits of serving end-to-end clusters of customers.

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